Our Story

I have always been the type of person who researched and thoroughly educated myself before any undertaking. That was until I had a baby. I didn’t read one book. We took a prenatal class but tuned out when we were learning to breastfeed on stuffed animals. When I arrived at the hospital, they asked me for my written birthing plan, I stared at them blankly. I had babysat for years – how hard could it be? When my first daughter Keira was born, I quickly realized how little I knew. I remember repeatedly looking behind us when we were leaving the hospital thinking how are they letting us leave with this baby???

I was really lucky to have met a bunch of other moms who had new babies around the same time as I did. They were way smarter and more competent than I was, and I latched on for dear life. When I look back at our correspondence with each other over that first year, most have the following words or phrases in them: “SLEEP”, “Have you seen this new…”, “I heard about this amazing…”, “I found a great new … you have to try it out”, “I drank too much wine last night”, “Does anyone know of a good…”, “Does anyone know where I could get a …”.

We exchanged opinions and info on everything from the best products to the best classes. The best: walk in clinics, kid-friendly restaurants, vacation destinations, parks + splash pads, farmers markets, paediatricians and sleep consultants to activities to do with our kids and sales. We passed along funny blogs, meal preparation ideas, babysitters, new hangouts, RESP, taxes and will info, daycares with open spaces, house cleaners and home renovators.

I kept thinking, I’m sitting on a goldmine of information. Why couldn’t all of this information be in one place? How could this information be shared with other people raising kids so they could benefit and we could we promote all of these good businesses at the same time?

I set out on a quest to create an online community packed full of everything people raising kids need to know, that was local and could be easily accessed at home or on the go.

The Roo was born. Our site is a who’s who, what’s what and what’s happening for kids and families in and around the Greater Toronto Area (and expanding soon).

I hope you join our mob [don’t worry, its just what a group of kangaroo’s are called] and Get Involved!




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Hi, I’m Janine!

I’m a mom to two amazing little gals, a wifey and the proud founder of the Roo.

I am constantly in search of the best, whether it is products, services, businesses, hot spots, experts, blogs or stuff to do. I wholeheartedly believe in the power of sharing information, giving business to good businesses and giving back.

I love laughing, road trips and dinner parties. I am curious, a big time foodie and suspicious of people who don’t drink (especially people with children). I thrive in chaos and get excited over little things, like making lists. I’m a Travel junkie, Celebrity gossip monger, Potty mouth, Busy bee, Excel enthusiast and Bossypants. I dream about one day reading a book in a hot bath or taking a shower without one of my kids staring at me.

My parenting philosophy is simple: love them, nurture them, and provide them with just enough dysfunction to make them funny.

I am on a mission to create awesome memories for my kids and to raise kids who have a sense of purpose and a sense of humour.

You can reach me at janine@theroo.ca.